YOFING NEW GENERATION Dead Sea Mud Shampoo For Damaged Hair designed specifically for damaged hair as a result of improper care, dyeing, chemical treatment and heat exposure. Strengthens curls, nourishes, making them obedient and strong. Perfectly cleanses, gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. As part of the product Dead Sea Mud, Keratin, Argan Oil, which allows for intensive restoration of weakened strands, restore their elasticity and natural beauty. The rich composition transforms makes the curls shiny and silky again.

YOFING NEW GENERATION Dead Sea Mud Hair Conditioner — a tool aimed at active care of damaged hair. Helps restore curls after staining, chemical and heat treatment. As a result of use, the hair becomes obedient and strong. Air conditioning perfectly nourishes and strengthens the strands.

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Natural Components and Technologies For Intensive Restoration of Curls:


Allows you to restore weakened and damaged hair, reduces excess fat and has a firming effect. Effective in the fight against split ends, prevents hair loss, gives gloss and shine. It relieves dandruff, returning curls to their former beauty.


Argan Oil is not known as an effective remedy for split ends. It strengthens curls well, nourishes them and helps to accelerate growth. Regular use makes the strands smooth and silky. Live, energy-filled hair that will undoubtedly give self-confidence.


Improves elasticity, prevents brittleness, makes strands beautiful and strong. Provides protection against chemical attack and damage from the use of a hair dryer. It penetrates deep into the hair structure and fills damaged areas.


Return curls smoothness, effectively repairing damage. They allow you to deal with brittleness, give curls volume, envelop damaged strands, filling them with natural energy and life.


Staining and constant exposure to hot air worsens the condition of the strands. Makes them dry and brittle. YOFING NEW GENERATION Dead Sea Mud Shampoo For Damaged Hair is specially designed to solve these problems. It has an intense regenerative effect, strengthens weakened curls, they become obedient and silky.

In today’s world, hair is often exposed to negative effects. This makes them weakened and dull. Staining and using the hair dryer depletes the structure of the strands, which negatively affects their health and appearance. YOFING NEW GENERATION Dead Sea Mud Conditioner allows you to deal with such problems. The tool intensively restores damaged curls, saturates them with useful substances.


  • Smoothing and straightening. The product contains Argan Oil, Keratin and Dead Sea Mud, aimed at intensive smoothing and nutrition. As a result, curls become obedient, easy to comb and give way to styling.
  • Restorative effect. The rich composition of the product has a positive effect on elasticity, which eliminates excessive brittleness. Keratin fills damaged areas, strengthens and restores strands, restoring natural beauty and strength.
  • Easy combing and styling. The conditioner is enriched with dead sea mud, keratin and argan oil, which perfectly nourish and smooth out curls. It becomes obedient and smooth, less prone to tangling.
  • Recovery. The composition of many natural ingredients to reduce brittleness and improve the elasticity of the strands. The tool restores and strengthens the strands. Keratin fills the voids, restoring the structure from the inside.



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